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Palestinian crew

Shereen Othman

Production Coordinator

Masters degree in Gender and Development Studies

Bachelor degree in Communications and Journalism.

Shereen liaised with international and local media and the local civic society and government, as well as providing general project support in the field.

Shadi Othman

Project Consultant and Technical Adviser

Masters degree in Management

Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Communications

Shadi provided administrative and technical input for id – Identity of the Soul.

Adel Sabaneh

Volunteer Coordinator

Diploma degree in Management

Adel was responsible for 700 volunteers in the locations during the preparation and performances of the show.


Sharek Youth Organisation

Samir Ma’alouf

Team workers’ Manager

Kameel Shaheen

Sound Technical and staff manager

Attalah Tarazi

Light system controller

Shafiq Khayat

Light system Assistant

Maher Al-Ajrab


Mansour Shaheen

Driver and Crane Control


Bassem AlTaweel

Equipment Driver

Hossam Bashyrah

Equipment Driver

Isah Shaheen

Crane Control Assistant

Amjad Abu Kweak

Screen frames producer


Identity of the Soul 5 screen film people lined in desert