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"He exhaled like a captive freed from his chain,

And calmly he turned to speak:

Now is Terje Vigen himself again;

Till now I had fever in every vein,

There was vengeance, vengeance to wreak!

Terje Vigen, Henrik Ibsen

"He dreams of white lilies, an olive branch, her breasts in evening blossom.

He dreams of a bird, he tells me, of lemon flowers.

He does not intellectualize about his dream. He understands things as he

senses and smells them.

Homeland for him, he tells me, is to drink my mother¹s coffee, to return

at nightfall.

A Soldier Dreams of White Lillies, Mahmoud Darwish

A multi-screen film about the impact of personal choices on the human spirit. Based on Henrik Ibsen's Terje Vigen and Mahmoud Darwish's A Soldier Dreams of White Lilies, IDENTITY of the SOUL brings together poetry from the West and Middle East, emphasising our common humanity.

"The performance is not just a supreme technical achievement, it is also profoundly moving and offers a rare insight into the human condition. ... powerful, visually impressive and emotionally stirring.”  

Varden (Norwegian newspaper)

Id combines poetry narrated in six languages by internationally renowned and respected performers including Vanessa Redgrave and Mahmoud Darwish with film shot in Japan, Norway and Egypt and footage from the BFI National Archive and an original soundtrack fusing Scandinavian and Arabic musical traditions with contemporary electronic rhythms.

Id has toured Palestine, Qatar, Norway, Jordan and Ajman and has been performed 26 times to over 35,000 people. The English Studio version of Id premiered in the UK at the Cambridge Film Festival in September 2009 followed by a tour of UK cinemas.

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