Palestine Universities tour 2011

Identity of the Soul narrated by Mahmoud Darwish was screened in early 2011 at eight universities in on the West Bank. Thanks to support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, producer Martine Rød and co-ordinator Shereen Othman toured with the latest lightweight five screen setup and held 12 screenings for an audience of 3200.

Producer, Martine Rød, devised new way of presenting Id using lightweight back-projection screens, with Shereen Othman, Middle East Co-ordinator, setting up the tour locally. Shereen co-ordinated the partnership with Palestine’s Sharek Youth Forum, who organised significant media coverage through local agencies attracted by the cultural impact of the tour.

15 March:  Nasse Kamel Theatre, Birzeit University, Ramallah audience 280

16 March: University Theatre, Abu Dees University, Jerusalem audience 260

20 March: Thafer Al- Masri  Theater,  Al-Najah National University, Nablus audience 450

22/23 March: Sanfori conference room, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem audience 550

26 March: Conference Room, Palestine Ahliya University, Bethlehem audience 290

28 March: Conference Room, Hebron University, Hebron audience 350

29 March: Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron audience 450

30 March: Palestine Technical University, Kadoorie Tulkarem audience 390

3 April : Outside the Dorm House, Arab American University, Jenin audience 180