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Ajman, UAE

On 22nd October 2009 the Ajman Ministry of Culture and Information hosted a screening of the Studio version of Identity of the Soul starring Mahmoud Darwish at CineStar Cinema, Ajman City Centre, as part of the celebration of the poets of Jerusalem, the capital of Arabic Culture 2009.

   "Ibrahim Saed El Zahery head of the Cultural events commented that ID is the only performance that Darwish participated in as both a poet and narrator .... El Zahery continued : The performance is about a man’s fight against occupation and injustice which is common for all mankind all over the world.”    Al Bayan (arabic newspaper)

Special thanks to the Department of Culture & Information Ajman

Ibrahim Saed Al Dahri - General Manager; Mohammad Al - Harbi - PR Cultural Director; Fatema Al Sowadi - Administrative Department; Hamed Al-mheari - Activities Coordinator; Mohammad Faraj - Media Department; Kaltham Al Mndaws- PR Department; Mohammad Al Shamsi -  Department Photographer 

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