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Doha, Qatar

Identity of the Soul was hosted in Doha, Qatar under the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and Minister Dr. Hamad Bin Abed Al Aziz Al Kwari.

“Identity of the Soul immerses the audience in music, imagery and poetry; all designed to assault and seduce them, on a scale that is intensely emotional, sensitive and thought provoking. Viewers are challenged, lulled, comforted and encouraged to reflect on their own choices in life, the choices that are made in their name and how they as individuals would act if faced with similar dilemmas.”
Qatar Tribune, Friday 27th March 2009

The Arabic version narrated by Mahmoud Darwish was staged in the open air, in front of the Museum of Islamic Art in March 2009, to five hundred people and a further five hundred came to see the English version narrated by Vanessa Redgrave the following night. The event was widely covered in the Arabic press, with the Director, Thomas Hoegh appearing on Al-Jazeera and a feature in the Qatar Tribune, with further praise from the newspapers Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds and Al-Hayat.



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